Chad & Emiley Sheppard


Our Passion

Chad, by trade, is an Operating Engineer - Mobile Crane Operator. Running his own Dog Business has always been a dream of his and end 2015 he started his path to make that dream a reality.

Emiley, a stay-at-home-mom and avid animal lover, has spent the majority of her adult years as a Farm Manager & Business Owner in the Equestrian Community, always surrounded by her dogs.


Daycare Beginning

After purchasing into Emiley's family farm, the idea of their "Dream Job" became reality. Chad built every aspect of the daycare by hand, most times in the dead of winter, with only the help of his talented arborist friend who helped him clear the 3 acre dog park. "If You Build It, They Will Come".. we opened our doors in 2016 and have grown into East Gwillimbury & Georgina's Premier Dog Daycare.



We are so grateful & thankful to be recognized within our community!


* 2016 Excellence in Small Business Nominee 

* 2016 Best New Start Up Business Award Winner for East Gwillimbury


* 2017 Reader's Choice Best Dog Business Runner Up

* 2017 Women In Business Award Nominee - Emiley Sheppard

* 2017 Excellence in Small Business Nominee 

* 2017 Entrepreneur Of The Year Nominee - Chad Sheppard

* 2017 Entrepreneur Of The Year Nominee - Emiley Sheppard